Lean thinking & change management

Do performance and well-being go together?

The speed and the disruptive approach of organizational changes can have a strong impact on employee health and well-being. How can this be avoided without giving up on improving competitiveness? It is a known fact, the work-related illnesses linked to strenuousness at work like Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and psychosocial risks…

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TESLA: More “Agile” than “Lean production”

tesla front factory

Beyond the fascination and the fashion, the facts. The American company Tesla that produces electric cars and that is considered as the leading innovative industrial company of the 21st century is starting to show what it’s really worth, which turns out to be a lot of talk without much concrete…

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Boost your capacity to face (and solve!) obstacles

What is not working well in your problem-solving approach? If problem solving has been giving you a hard time, first realize that you are not the only one! Here is a very simple but formidable approach to largely increase your chances of success when you face the obstacles in your…

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