Month: November 2018

tesla front factory

Beyond the fascination and the fashion, the facts.

The American company Tesla that produces electric cars and that is considered as the leading innovative industrial company of the 21st century is starting to show what it’s really worth, which turns out to be a lot of talk without much concrete action.

Tesla took over the NUMMI (New United Motor Manufacturing Inc.), a joint venture created by General motors and Toyota, production sites that operated from 1984 to 2010.

From the beginning on out, Tesla, through its founder and CEO Elon Musk, wanted to disrupt the automotive industry paradigms with a futuristic view of production processes.

All of the lean production experience built up over the last decades by the best car manufacturers didn’t count.

The message was clear: production is a technical engineering problem and the solution is to automate.

Elon Musk fuelled this vision and mentioned it in a press conference in 2016 : “We are pushing robots to their maximum operation speed, we are asking our suppliers to build much quicker robots and they are shocked by our requests as nobody had ever made them before”

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