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What is the basic concept of TRIZ? Above all, formulate the problem in CONTRADICTIVE terms. The inventor, Guenrich Altschuller, stated that an innovative solution is always found when a contradiction is resolved.

By analyzing 300,000 patents throughout from around the world, Altschuller mapped all of the contradictions that the « inventors » faced to solve their problem. Altschuller didn’t stop there. For each contradiction, he listed the principles used by the “inventors”. There are 40 of them! “All” that you have left to do (there is still some effort !) is to search how to apply these concepts to your own problem in order to find THE solution to YOUR problem.

Today, TRIZ is largely used in development processes to create product differentiation but only few know that it can be used to design industrial processes and innovative organizations. A lot of inventive solutions built in  the Toyota Production System (TPS) were done so, without knowing, on the basis of TRIZ concepts.

Example: production levelling (Heijunka)

Contradiction: Deliver 100% of clients on time with a fluctuating order portfolio and a fixed production capacity (over a given time period). The inventive solution that allowed to solve the contradiction was to plan the production of “regulating products” that can be produced when the order portfolio is less than the production capacity and that will be consumed by future customers as they are the best selling products. When the current demand is higher than the production capacity, those products, already in stock, can be supplied without having to use overtime.

In our lean workshops in production, product development, process engineering, etc… we successfully apply this approach, adapting it to the context.

TRIZ 2018 Conference date: 29th -31st October 2018

Location: Strasbourg



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