Arturo Mazzolini

The founder

Professional experience

Relying on one hand on a thorough knowledge of the concepts developed by the Toyota Production System (TPS) and Toyota Product Development (TPD), and on the other hand, on a rich field experience, he created throughout 25 years of consulting, an entire management system to build and manage operational processes and to make them sustainably capable of being high performance and of reaping premium profits.

His interventions were successfully focused on product development, Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply Chain, and administrative processes, along with the B2B and B2C services sectors.

He is internationally renowned for his expertise in the implementation of his Strategy Management Model and his ability to control the risks related to change, and regularly presents his work in seminars, teaches in a Lean Master degree in Italy and publishes articles in specialized French journals.

He previously worked as Operations Manager and Director in the car industry and for a leading international hospital equipment design and manufacturing company, where his experience with organizational systems and Lean Manufacturing started.



• Arturo Mazzolini is a graduated mechanical engineer from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers de Paris.
• He graduated as QFD Black Belt from the QFD Institute of USA.
• He was trained and coached in Europe and the USA by consultants that worked directly with Taichi Ohno, founder of the Toyota Production System.

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